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I mentioned earlier how I have volunteered my photographic services in aid of improving environmental management policies.

I was asked to find examples of poor water management, and found one barely two miles from my house. I can thank my friend Grace for spotting this St. Louis Post Dispatch article by Matthew Hathaway highlighting a problem drain in Wellston, Missouri.

This ugly concrete-lined 'creek', is Engelholm Creek. It runs north to south alongside the Metro railway line through Wellston and is the main storm runoff conduit for that area. Unfortunately, as the newspaper article informs us, during storms it has the unfortunate habit of rising above an inflow pipe and pushes muddy water right back onto the the street.

The result is a polluted street that is exactly the opposite result from that the drainage system is supposed to achieve.

I took these photographs on a sunny Monday evening.

Now I just have to wait for a good rainstorm so I can see the liquid evidence for myself.

It is amazing how one's view of one's neighborhood can change when you examine it from a viewpoint different from the usual.

I wonder how many similar examples I will find?

More, I suspect, than I imagined beforehand.