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Home after a long day. Changed twenty five cages in the mouse facility this afternoon (these are specialized cages fitted with wheels and electronic recording devices to measure running distance and speed). Not my favorite task but necessary.

So the day was eventful and full, yet all its detail is likely to be forgotten in a week or so. As is the fate of many other days.

Yet I can recall certain intervals, such as the one involving my photography of a lake by the Ontario town of Geraldton, in almost minute-by-minute detail. Time there followed a different course from that of today, even as its measure by the watch remains the same.

Perceptive differences such as this are the strongest evidence that my consciousness operates outside of time. And if it can operate outside of time, it can operate outside of any manifestation of physics in the real world, transcending everything including life and death.

I find the fact that the contemplation of lakeside is the absolute confirmation of a metaphysical, extra-corporal, existence to be profoundly satisfying.

(This photograph is the current desktop background on my laptop)