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This photograph is a scan of a print that I took in summer 1980, on Brighton beach in England.

Four people having fun, one perhaps more than the rest.

The curious thing is, despite the fact I took the picture, I have very little memory of any of the people in the photograph. I vaguely remember the trip to the beach was made with the girl who is dancing, but her name or even why I was with her that day completely escape me.

Writing this has dredged up a memory of a party in a Brighton flat that preceeded – or followed on from – this beachfront visit. Perhaps a lot of alcohol flowed that day; it would not surprise me if it did.

Such ephemeral contacts fascinate me, all the more so when something, such as this photograph, acts as a trigger for a deep, murky, and incomplete recollection.

If ever a picture was a poem, that one is for me.