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I went for a lunchtime walk in Forest Park today. It was warm, especially when the sun broke through the overcast sky, and I stopped for a while, sat on the grass, and looked at this view.

I soon found my mind wandering and time losing meaning, as often happened when I pause from the mechanics of daily living. Today, I found myself feeling a little surprised at this process; no doubt because the winter has precluded such days for a long time. Nonetheless, I realized, as I sat in the shade of a leafless tree, that my emotional response to such a setting has not changed at all over all the years of my life from childhood onwards.

I found this to be enormously satisfying. The sense of being out of time that I have known since I was old enough to formulate such thoughts was as it ever was. I regard this state to be a direct link between my consciousness and that of the greater world. To experience it never fails to refresh me.

A good day.