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I took the train to the Illinois side of the river today for my lunchtime walk. The walk? A trip back to St. Louis over the Eads Bridge. I've lived in St. Louis for 25 years, but this was only the second time I have ever walked over the Mississippi River. (The first was over the Chain of Rocks Bridge last year).

The Eads Bridge is primarily the route for the St. Louis Metro to cross the river, but there is also a road on top. It's not very heavily traveled; more cars take the wider and more modern Poplar Street Bridge that is linked into the main interstate highway system. I knew there was a walkway – I had seen an occasional jogger use it. But it hadn't actually occurred to me until today that I might like that walk too.

It gave me a good opportunity to photograph a colorful barge from above as passed beyond the bridge.

Here's another shot of the Eads Bridge from the snowy days early this month – seems hard to believe that I took it only a couple of weeks ago.

And, finally, the St. Louis skyline taken today from the bridge on the Illinois side of the Mississippi, looking south and west.