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Another trip downtown this lunchtime to see how much snow there was left. An ever decreasing amount it seemed, for the day was warming quickly under a bright sun.

I stopped to see how the statue of Lewis and Clark on the Landing was doing. A bit further under than before, still with all heads well above the waterline. If I was the dog, this would be the time to swim away.

I began to walk the complete circuit of the Western Expansion Park that forms the grounds to the Gateway Arch, all paths having been dutifully plowed free of snow by National Park Service employees. Nonetheless, there were plenty of slushy, pooling, areas of water – enough to soak through my shoes.

I reached the far south end of the park and saw this view of the Arch and the Mississippi River.

By now it was really quite warm and I found myself unbuttoning my jacket. Typical Missouri weather – a freezing blizzard one day, a glorious warm sunny day the next.

So I headed back, just in time to catch the unbroken snow lying in the foreground of this shot of The Old Courthouse. Living a brief life, a snowman lying under the shadow of the arch and in the full view of justice. Enough to make anyone melt, perhaps.