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A couple more photographs from my trip to Pere Marquette State Park on Saturday afternoon.

This is the view from one of the lookout points just off the scenic drive that follows the top line of the bluffs that overlook the Illinois River valley.

It illustrates that there are only two types of color on a clear Missouri/Illinois winter's day – blue and brown! I love these subtle colors; not for me the super saturated primaries that seem to be in vogue for a lot of digital photography. Far in the distance to the right of the photograph you can see the silver strip of the Illinois River and beyond that Calhoun County.

And here's a close up of some Calhoun County farmhouses, beyond that strip of water with the evening mist rising from the valleys

The focal length (35mm equivalent) of the top picture is 10mm, that of the bottom is 560mm. Different lenses, it goes without saying. I was using a 1.4x extender on my long 400mm zoom for the long shot – I wanted to see how well it resolved at that magnification. I found the result pleasing.