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This is a photograph of Monk's Mound, the largest and most impressive of the Cahokia Mounds. I took it earlier this year, and have artificially over-saturated the image to produce an effect akin to the that of Microsoft's Windows XP default background.

I am fortunate that this mound can be found just across the Mississippi River, maybe 30 minutes drive from my house. Fortunate because it is one of the few locales here than show a true sense of ancient ancestry, the same kind that I took completely for granted while living in England, complete with Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor.

Unfortunately, access to the top is currently prohibited as the turf is being replaced and repairs made to the erosion-damaged soil. For the atmosphere that surrounds this mound is remarkably similar to that found on Glastonbury or Silbury or other ancient relics of human construction. There is an enveloping electricity to found in these places, eerie and unsettling, and easily strong enough to make you believe in all sorts of magic fantasies. Enough, certainly to justify the color in the image above.

I would like to go out there today, but it is bitter cold day with a biting wind. Another time.