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Intriguing article in the NYT about Lululemon, a Canadian company that manufactures the equivalent of New Age music in clothes.

Apparently, a selling point is that their apparel is partially made with seaweed fiber. Somehow, this has been marketed as being really good for you, and, somehow, a lot of people have come to believe this. However, analysis of some of their products advertised as such reveals no seaweed derived materials at all.

Tut tut. Another fibbing company. We'll see if their products continue to sell. They may. The capacity for human beings to kid themselves that buying essentially useless or unnecessary items is a path to Nirvana remains practically unlimited.

Little update here.

The Vancouver based yoga-wear retailer will immediately remove all tags and other product notices that contain "unsubstantiated" claims of therapeutic or performance benefits from a line of clothing it says is infused with seaweed, said the (Canadian Competition Bureau) regulatory agency.

I'm glad to hear it.