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Richard Perry's portrait of a family sitting in what looks like their son's bedroom is a simply stunning photograph. The child has autism; the parents are suing the school district to get reimbursement for private tuition costs. The expressions caught here convey all of this and more – the child has been caught with a slightly lopsided grin and a flash of the white of his left eye that serves to break-up the symmetry of his face. This gives him a hint of unbalance that contrasts with his familiar pose of hanging onto his dad. The father has a different kind of lopsided grin that suggests a certain bemusment with their situation. The mother, on the other hand, has a strong, set expression declaring defiance, weariness and a certain lack of trust of the photographer – and by extension the article itself.

The family are huddled, clinging to each other in the left side of the frame. To the right, a shot through the window points to a brighter, freer, outside that is poignant in comparison with the almost captive group sitting on the bed. A very moving composition.