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While we were in Canada earlier this summer, there was fair degree of press about an upcoming marriage between a Canadian member of parliament and his long time lover. The marriage was notable because it was the first gay marriage involving an MP. The press coverage verged from the simply factual to warmly supportive. If there were Canadians expressing outrage at this mainstream acceptance of homosexuality, they were not making a lot of noise.

Contrast this to attitudes within the United States with a brewing storm in Iowa and then the resignation of Larry Craig. I have little time for Craig myself as a deeply self-repressed man who has fought against the same homosexual marriage rights that exist in Canada and in Iowa for 4 hours! Just another example of a someone without the personal honesty to admit to himself who he really is and who stamps his own conflicted intolerance on others. I tend to believe that most intolerant people are similarly self-loathing, and it's a shame that some of them are sufficiently powerful to repress others.

Still, the flap throughout the Republican party over this homosexual encounter (notably contrasting with that of Senator Vittor and his illegal patronage of female prostitutes) makes me roll my eyes again. Perhaps it because Senator Vittor happens to hail from a state with a Democratic governor who would be tempted to replace him with a Democratic senator, whereas Craig comes from Republican governed Idaho. Hypocrisy rears its head everywhere (Democrats are not immune either, by the way).