I took this photograph on a very steamy evening in Ontario, leaning down close on a disused railway track. It was late in the day, and the light quality was elusive.

It's proving even more elusive to reproduce, not least because the color gradation is very subtle and the contrast difficult to realize accurately. I've color balanced it twice and printed it twice. The first effort was too green, the second better but a little too blue (as pictured here), as can be seen most clearly on the rail.

In neither case have I recaptured the particular yellow resonance that I remember while actually taking it. This introduces the interesting (to me at least) concept that what I actually saw in my mind at the time may have been skewed – color perception is much more subjective than we tend to realise. I really should have had both a white and grey card with me to get an accurate white balance and exposure measure. Live and learn. Still, whether too green or too blue, each photograph has its merits.