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I was reminded of these alternately charming and insufferably twee children's books when 10 18" x 24" frames arrived by UPS today. Why 10 you may ask? Well, I get them from an online outlet store, frame closeouts where the minimum order is six and I got a little carried away.

This tends to be my modus operandi of buying. I loathe paying full retail for anything, and hunt for bargains like a pack of wolves during a bitter winter, even if this means getting more than I actually need at the time. So, yes, I bought a grab bag of what are actually very solid frames for about $14 each (including shipping), when the very same article sells at my local art retailer for about $75 each (!).

And, yes, I can easily find photographs to print up to fill them. Buuuttt… Where do I put them all? I do not live in a McMansion where I could find an art gallery's worth of space in the three spare rooms. Instead they are crowding closer and closer as I rehang existing pictures to make more room. It won't be long before I will have a hard time seeing any wall at all.

My wife is suggesting I loan them to friends. Perhaps a good idea. Still, if this a problem, I can feel happy. 🙂