Now that I got that off my chest, I can relax back into what has been a very amiable day. To be sure, it's still far too hot but a series of thunderstorms is moving through the area and they always kick the air around a bit.

I spent much of the afternoon reviewing photographs and printing up a couple of large copies on fine art rag paper (not cheap, I might add) to see how they looked. With a silky matte finish they do look very fine, I must say. I've got some frames coming in the mail next week, and I'll mount them then. They are slightly changed versions of these photographs, cropped and differently balanced in terms of placement and color balance. It always amazes me how a single image can tell so many different stories depending on what component is accented or indeed how it is sized. The prints I did today are 19" x 13" and show greater life at that large scale. Both prints are candidates for entry into the Washington University Art Show at the end of this year. But by then, I probably will have made a dozen other choices and gone back and forth several times!

Nonetheless, I felt such a strong sense of pleasure when I contemplated today's efforts that I realised that all my photography is ultimately done simply to please me. Seems very narcissistic to look at it that way, but there it is. 🙂

It's also worth noting that much of this pleasure is the result of my Canon PixmaPro 9000 printer's performance. I must say that this is perhaps the single most satisfactory piece of modern technology I have bought for at least five years. Unlike every other printer I have ever used, including some of Canon's other models, this printer has yet to produce a substandard reproduction. Furthermore, with a properly calibrated monitor, what you see on the screen really is what you get on paper. This miracle machine keeps its print heads constantly clean, notifies you when an ink cartridge is running low or needs replacement, and copes with all kinds of paper. I am very happy with it.