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The vacation is nearly over, and we are wending our way homeward. Yesterday we passed through Michigan's Upper Peninsula, stopping to get a pastie from Dobber's in Escanaba and then eating it by the shoreline of Lake Michigan as you see above.

It was a very good pastie. Much more authentic than most of the pasties you will find in England these days, being made in the true Cornish style with short pastry and a basic meat and potato filling. It's funny how some exported traditions remain truer to their beginnings than the evolved product in the country of origin.

Then we drove to the outskirts of Green Bay for a night here in this Comfort Suites motel where, once again, internet access was restored.

Now it is morning, and I just a had a decent breakfast in the lobby area, spoiled – as they so often are in motels – by a chattering TV that dominated the room. Fox News, reviled by liberals, but truthfully only marginally more slanted than the other mainstream news services, none of which do more than a cursory overview of a very limited set of news stories and all of which devote large amounts of time to infomercials masquerading as news stories. Today's was Home Depot, engaging in a frantic spate of hard selling under the guise of a helpful item about updating your kitchen. Familar with Home Depot's atrocious sales figures and skidding share value, I probably read rather more desperation into the sales pitch than was actually there.

And now onto St. Louis, wilting under a heat wave. We will get there today or tomorrow and my vacation will be over. 😦 It has been a very good one.