I sometimes find myself thinking about all the cross-currents of thought that modern living can generate – multi-tasking, as it were. For example, right now, I lying on a comfortable bed with a ceiling fan blowing cool air down on me. In itself, a feast for the senses. But add to that the Chopin Nocturnes, played in this case by the incomparable Artur Rubinstein, that are eminating from the sound system. But that's not the only sound – outside I can cicadas and grasshoppers scrathing away, from below the voices of my wife and son in conversation. Yet, on top of this sensory feast, I am typing this blog post on my laptop and thinking about the collapse of the two Bear Stearns hedge funds based on overpriced subprime mortgage debt that tonight has weakened the dollar into record lows against the Euro and which might precipitate a major upset in the financial markets over the coming weeks.

A lot of different things to process all at once, and it's amazing to me that the human mind has the capacity to consider and integrate such disparate stimuli with seeming ease. Something that is often taken for granted.