I was coming out of the Skinker Metro station on my way to the Danforth Campus of Washington University when I spied a line of neatly arranged cars next to the turn lane of Skinker Boulevard.

Nothing unusual about that except that a good number of people were huddled together just alongside in the the middle of the road. So I wandered down to see this sight – five cars all pushed into each other just like a concertina.

I didn't stay to ask what happened – I didn't really need to as the last vehicle in the line, the 'pusher', was a large van. There was a police car on the scene and no sign of any injuries, so it looked like the worst that had happened was that occupants of five cars were highly inconvenienced. Still, I felt glad it wasn't me, and felt for all those caught up it what must have been a very irksome experience!