One of the advantages of living for a long time is that things you only dreamed of happening when you were young suddenly become very real. One of these is the modern computer flight simulator; another is the printer I just bought for myself. …

This Pixma Pro 9000 is a wholly remarkable device. It can faithfully reproduce digital photographs, but that is not new. What is new is the size of the reproductions. This printer can enlarge any of my photographs to the huge size of 13" x 19" (329mm x 483mm).

This is poster size and a dimension I always wished I could achieve but never have, largely due to the cost and lack of control over the reproducibility of commercial enlargements. So, as of tonight I have hanging on our walls two very large prints of a couple of my favorite photographs.

This is enormously satisfying – it takes me back to the days when posters adorned my home and college rooms, but these are entirely homemade.

As such, they have a visceral quality wholly absent from the digital images we see here and have emerged into the world of artifacts.

I feel a sense of wonder that I am able to do this at all.