I had a great deal of fun at a party last night, a comment that should really deserve no special emphasis except for the fact that life overall has taken on a gloomy aspect as of late what with the seemingly never-ending and fruitless mess in Iraq and a general sense that we are being led by lesser men and women. …

But fun I did have, as did my wife, at an unexpected party via the most tangental of relationships involving a set of people quite outside our normal social circle – but, as is so common in St. Louis, leading to a reacquaintance (after a long time) of my wife and the son of one of her old friends. For once, I was really reluctant to leave, and the ennui I sometimes get at such gatherings was completely absent.

Sherry, our hostess (left in the adjacent photo), can take much of the credit for such a good time – not only did she prepare very good food (chicken, lamb and Thai-spiced pasta), supply a formidable battery of alcoholic drinks and even a bartender (below, left, discussing drink sizes with Dan)to mix them for us, two masseuses (unused by me), a wildly diverse set of gets and Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship – a one man lunatic of a band.

We left just as he was getting warmed up by sniffing each of the guests and singing about his impressions (variable).

I felt that things were only just beginning to warm up. Never mind – I probably avoided a formidable hangover. 🙂