It's been a weird week of seemingly random outbursts of anger:

On Tuesday, I saw a man leaving the grocery store, ranting and raving at no one in particular, his face convulsed with fury as he bellowed at the car park.

The next morning, two drivers nearly hit each other near my morning bus stop. Curses and oaths ensued – one drove off at high speed.

On Thursday, a man walked out in front of the bus. The bus had already started moving, but the driver slammed on the brakes. The man boarded the bus, yelling and cursing at the driver for nearly running him over – the driver snapped back at his foolishness in running out in front of the bus.

Today, a checkout machine at the local grocery store broke down. The checkout woman cursed and stormed off, getting into a shouting match with the manager. Doors were slammed, foul language filled the supermarket, so much so that I reddened with embarrassment while waiting in line.

This level of anger seems unusual to me. I get a feeling that people – ordinary people – are getting to end of their tethers. Whether this is simply a strange week or a sign of a deeper malaise, I cannot tell, but it is disturbing to observe this degree of angst.