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…just for the day, hey

I can spend a lot of time ruminating on the fact that, I, for all my complexity of thought and assumed individuality, am but one of billions of living human beings. All of whom are engaged in much the same sort of deliberations, more or less consciously. To this I could add the billions who have already lived and the billions more who will live.

This is a sobering concept. It makes me feel much more like one of those tiny fish swimming in giant schools around the oceans than any great whale. Yet my ego tends to insist that I am really rather important in face of these enormous numbers.

Is such conceit justified? On a very minor level, perhaps. I am reassured by my firm belief that my consciousness is but a brief manifestation shaped by my lving (and eventually dying) body and that I will return to the stream, losing the 'I' on the way, but regaining a true harmony of spirit. I certainly do not fear death.