A very wet Friday here in St. Louis.

I sent my son off on his bike to school about 10 minutes before a downpour struck the house – I hope he did not get drenched (but I suspect he did). My wife, who was adjudicating an exam early this morning, left the house on her bike before the rain but left her keys in the door so she may return both soaked and unable to get into the house (I hope she remembers our neighbor has a spare).

Meanwhile, I arrive at work to find a big notice on the blackboard – "Richard, construction begins on May 14". The wall just to my left (as I type) is going to be knocked out and a door inserted. So I have to move all of my stuff out of the way, and that's going to be a pain. However, unless the construction sets off a sprinkler system, I should be dry. My assistant, pregnant and allergic, is moving right out. With neither condition applying to me, I shall have to weather the storm.

Still, it is Friday.