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Interesting and worrying article in today's Washington Post about women being frightened away from blogging by abusive responders. Not a new issue – Allan mentioned it a little while ago, particularly in reference to establishing a code of conduct.

I've been lucky myself to avoid any unpleasantness, but then again I am a man and not a particularly high profile one either. I do not permit anonymous postings on this blog. I think that acts as a filter. The most repellent postings are usually by those who are too cowardly to reveal even the limited amount of themselves that registering with Opera would reveal.

Still, I have no doubt that if a really nasty comment came my way it would upset me and make me reconsider blogging. After all, this is supposed to be a fun pastime and not a walk through a minefield. So I have considerable sympathy for those who have been driven away. Unfortunately, what is happening now reveals, once again, how much hatred of women lies beneath the relatively placid surface of society.

(I just checked my blog settings, and I am currently allowing anonymous posts. I guess I just don't get them…! Or am I? It's been long time since I looked at my profile and, of course, the layout has changed. Never mind!

Ah, just logged myself out to see what I look like to the non-Opera user, and indeed you do have to be logged in and registered to post here. Splendid!)