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My son and I spent a noisy but entertaining afternoon watching a group of World War Two equipment enthusiasts enact a fictitious mock battle at Jefferson Barracks Park in St. Louis.

The drama began with a swift attack by motorized German troops to capture a clearing (conveniently scattered with stage-prop damaged buildings).In next to no time, an Allied patrol was sent back into the opposite bushes and the Germans consolidated their position.

However, the triumph was to be shortlived. As the occupiers scanned the far field trouble was soon seen to be lurching into view.The anti-tank gun was wheeled into postition and few rounds let off at the approaching half-track.

The American infantry carrier veered away, but only briefly.Soon it was back, and with reinforcements – a Stuart light tank and a infantry ground assault.The two opposing forces engaged each other openly now.Resistance was determined. But the allied armor advantage overcame the Germans, and the battle was won.

It was loud, and reminded you that real warfare is no good for the ears at all. Of course, this was not real and no one was hurt and the participants had a lot of fun firing off a lot of blanks. Some veteran soldiers were there to watch, and to remind you how fortunate you were to be witnessing only a game.

More pictures here.