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After the shabby termination of my wife's teaching position, we spent a number of long days wondering what to do next. Slowly the answer came to my wife – she has several decade's worth of teaching and tutoring experience, so why not put that to work directly for her?

So that's what we are going to do. She is going to start her own small business, The Writing Process it will be called, as a tutor to those who need help with a variety of different writing problems.

I will be the accountant. Not such a large leap for me, I spent several years in my twenties doing precisely that sort of work for a steel foundry of all places. (I also set up the computer system for the company and ran the metal diagnostic spectrometer in the lab – looking back, I don't know how I managed it all, and for an absurdly low amount of pay. Oh well, I guess we are entitled to be young and naive once! :)).

Anyway, I have already downloaded the free accounting program Microsoft Office Accounting Express (far more accounting muscle than we will actually need), and set it up. I am enjoying it enormously. Her first client is on Monday. It is most gratifying.

There is always a way forward.