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One of my motherboards has been acting up, and the net result has been some subtle data corruption in some of my picture files. Fortunately, I have these duplicated, backed-up and spread liberally among my network so I was able to replace almost all the damaged files, these being Canon RAW format files that failed to decompress correctly. Nonetheless, whittling down the affected files and replacing them has been time-consuming.

The advantage has been an inadvertent review of my photographs of the past few years, and the pleasant recollection of some interesting times.

Some of these date from our visit to the Manic 5 dam in Quebec Province, a breathtaking edifice found deep in the northern Quebec forests.

It is hard to picture its size from photographs, but as you get closer it becomes overwhelming, no more so than on a tour inside the arches of the structure –

Behind it stretches a vast blue lake that is all the more beautiful because of its remoteness.A place that makes you marvel at the engineering skill of mankind, the sort of thrill that seems rarer and rarer these days.