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Back home again, indeed with a full day of work behind me.

A brief, fascinating, immersion in the Louisiana swampland.

Snakes and alligators (large and small!)

It was reassuring that our cabin was a healthy distance above the ground, as there really were a lot of these:

Less alarming were these:
and these:

– indeed the Lake Fausse Pointe State Park has more in-your-face wildlife than any place I've come across outside of a zoo. The owls made an astonishing racket, sounding like a herd of chimpanzees at some points. The nights were a somewhat sleepless, not only because of them, but also the very modern buzzing hum of a poorly grounded fluorescent light outside the cabin.

Perhaps when I am a bit more awake myself, I shall put up some more impressions, but a day's work on top of a 700 mile drive yesterday is putting me very effectively to sleep! It was a wonderful trip.