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A polemic eerily similar to the 'red scare' hysteria that accompanied the Cold War from Liz Cheney in today's Washington Post. It's an instructive read because it opens a window into the type of bunker mentality that characterizes the current administration's foreign policy.

Reminds me of a penultimate scene (in a movie with a lot of endings) in "The Lord Of The Rings" movie where a spectacularly deformed orc is shouting the exortation that titles this post at his similarly evil-looking cohort. Unfortunately, when it comes to the world of men, such simple divisions into good and evil that characterize popular fantasy do not apply.

No, to get a better idea of what is happening, better to read far deeper literature such as Virgil's Aeneid or Melville's Moby Dick. Just as Nicolas Kristof details in today's New York Times (subscription needed).

Perhaps the most depressing aspect of Iraq today (apart from the hideous slaughter) is that the country is just as dangerous to the Middle East in its current destabilised condition than it was under Hussein. Perhaps even more so. And the sole reason that it is in that state is the American/British intervention.