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Woke up very early before it was light and decided to get up. Thus I had the house essentially to myself for a short time – a nice feeling once in a while. Took some of the time idly flipping through some other blog sites, My Space etc., and came back with the reinforced opinion that this Opera site has the most interesting, mature, thoughtful and delightful people. Why Opera should self-select such a group, I do not know, but there it is.

One thing that was also made clear to me is how wonderful it is to be older! Not all by any means, but many posts, profiles etc., by the many young people using these sites remind me of those feelings that I used to feel myself at that age – uncertainty, lack of self-esteem, unwillingness to be honest with yourself and the world, obsession with trivia, powerlessness, anxiety, pointless chasing of trends in an attempt to 'fit in', a need to drink too much.

In other words, a lot of negative emotions. Not that it was all bad by any means, but I would not trade any of the assurance and self-confidence that life and experience has given me for any youthful trait – not even my spreading middle-aged body for a sprightly young one!