I really am pretty lucky. Although I have had my problems, they were essentially recognized and dealt with when I was a very young man and although my road into adulthood has not been without a few bumps, it has been a satisfying and rewarding journey.

I was reminded of this today when I heard that yet another person I know of my age – and this makes three now – is facing emotional and psychological turmoil as a result of being sexually molested as a child. Long repressed memories are resurfacing with very painful effects that splash out into the lives of those around them. Their own children, their own lovers.

Why should one have to pay such a price when one's life should by now be settled and happy? It reminds me yet again of the great vulnerabilities that we are all prone to. Vulnerabilities and hurts that are all too often dismissed, minimized and simply blown-off when we are young. But they never heal unless addressed and that requires of lot of painful, honest self-examination with the help of trained counselors. Simply willing yourself to forget is never a solution, yet I have heard advice of this very nature offered almost universally. Usually by young people to other young people. When you don't know, I guess you don't know.

It's very sad.