Interesting tie-in between Ravo's typically thoughtful recent post and a New York Times article I came across tonight on the increasing elucidation of the genetics of personality. One quote caught my eye:

We now have real evidence that some of the variation in personality is inherited," Dr. Pinker said, "and I think it may be affecting people's everyday choices.

Essentially, this is further confirmation of a long held belief of mine that 'free choice' as we commonly understand it is perhaps a lot less free than we might like to believe.

The more we learn about the genetic basis of thought and action, the closer we come to appreciating that much of our thinking is far more innate and essentially instinctive that we often like to imagine. This is not a bad thing – in fact, it serves most of us very well! The common human trait of attempting to remove our thought from its evolutionary origins (in essence, animal thinking) and place it on a separate and higher pedestal is essentially misguided. I find a more integrative approach much more satisfying.