I was tickled to see General Hayden using my favorite cliché of the moment during his confirmation hearings: "I will give you just a touch more granularity in the closed session" he is quoted as saying to Senator Feinstein.

Wikipedia – a good source for rapidly changing word meanings – defines granularity as

the extent to which a system contains discrete components of ever-smaller size. An example of increasing granularity: a list of nations in the United Nations, a list of all states/provinces in those nations, a list of all counties in those states, and so on until you have a list of all people in the countries that belong to the U.N.

As jargon, it emerged out of the labyrinthe world of computer-speak:

In parallel computing, granularity means the amount of computation in relation to communication, i.e., the ratio of computation to the amount of communication.

and has, virus-like, spread through social discourse. One of those essentially obscure words that is used mostly to impress the hearer and confound clarity.

It's a shame that so much language, be it of professions or bureaucracy, is designed simply to shut out those who are not in the 'club' and is devoid of any helpful meaning. My own profession, science, is not exempt!