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A completely lazy morning mostly lying in bed or the bath, listening to BBC radio plays via the internet. There's cool breeze blowing in through the open window, and cloudy skies above. A good day for doing nothing.

Right now, I'm listening to a gritty drama set in Liverpool and the old New Order song Blue Monday has just been featured. That brings back memories – one of the truly great 1980's songs. Around 1985 or so, I was playing it almost daily after picking up the 12" single in a second hand record store in St. Louis – a bit late for sure, but I was only really on top of the newest releases during the 1970s.

The music is acting a nostalgic thematic link in the radio drama and that reminds me of the similar role music has played in my life. More than anything else – places, photographs – music is my Proustian madeleine moment trigger.

But back to Liverpool. One the places I have never been to, and my impressions of the town were formed primarily by The Beatles (whose Nowhere Man appears in the play) – a romantic, sanitized view of the place. Not the viewpoint of this play which concerns the displacement of the original working class residents out of the city by changing economic forces. A bleak vision full of loss and broken dreams. Hardly unique to Liverpool sadly.