It could be worse. The only bagel shops in St. Louis might all be of the Einsteins or Panera Bread ilk – or supermarket bagels from Schnucks etc. In every case more like a bun than bagel, big yes, but essentially fluffy, light and bland.

Fortunately, not that far from my house, is the Bagel Factory (11256 Olive Blvd, St Louis, MO 63141-7653) and they make the real thing. Small, solid, flavorful and delightful – the way they used to be made (boiled in water before baking). Superior in every sense to the faux bagels found elsewhere, the restorative power of these little delicacies is beyond compare.

Just what I need to lift me out of an illness. Two down, and I feel better already.

Now, I think, for some chocolate to complete the cure.