About once every two years, I buy a single lottery ticket. On Monday, this happened to be the Powerball lottery, grand prize totaling $222 million. I plonked down my dollar and came away with what I was sure would be the winning ticket.

So the past two days have been a series of pleasant daydreams of how I would spend all this money, what houses I would buy and in what countries, etc. etc. How I would avoid the press and reward all my friends.

Last night the drawing was made, and, of course, I did not win. It took about 5 minutes of readjustment to dispell all those daydreams and return to normality. No desire left whatsoever to buy another ticket – that will probably resurface again in a couple of years or so.

But it was fun to dream!

UPDATE: Turns out someone in St. Louis did win the Powerball!