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I find my attitude to blogging vacillates between wanting to say something interesting that others might enjoy and simply recording my thoughts as if I was writing into a personal diary with the expectation that no one else would want or need to read them at all.

I think this is probably a good attitude to have in the long run. I don't want to get caught in the trap of having to 'produce', an issue that can weigh heavily, I think, on bloggers. That little meter on the 'preferences' page tells you that people are looking at this and my photographs, and I am glad that they are. If anyone gets any pleasure out of it, so much the better! But it also makes me aware that there is an audience, and that knowledge can influence what I chose to write. This is not really how it should be; I am not in the publishing business and nor do I wish to be.

So, you may ask, why blog at all? Why not just write in a private diary the old-fashioned way? There is merit to that argument, except I've never been able to sustain a private diary, but I do seem to be able to keep blogging. So, obviously, the audience – you – is encouraging me in some subtle ways. Public/private – blogging somehow straddles those categories in a satisfactory way. It certainly satisfies me