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George Bush is really getting me down.

All over the wires, newspapers, internet, radio & TV, are pictures of his mug and quotes from his Iraq boosting speeches and news conferences.This man is in charge of a huge country and the largest army in the world and he's living in a la-la land of his own creation.

It is very depressing. He's now talkng about keeping troops in Iraq for the remaining years of his presidency. Lord knows what this will cost in lives and money. And not one lost life and spent dollar is going to make America any safer, securer or stronger.

Iraq is a debacle. As Eugene Robertson says:

This is not good. The people running this country sound convinced that reality is whatever they say it is. And if they've actually strayed into the realm of genuine self-delusion — if they actually believe the fantasies they're spinning about the bloody mess they've made in Iraq over the past three years — then things are even worse than I thought.

I can just about put up with an incompetent leader. But a delusional, incompetent, one? No wonder I feel like the U.S. is swirling down that proverbial plug-hole in the sky, soon to disappear with a vulgar gurgle. And if it did, there would be many worldwide sagely nodding their heads and saying 'told you so'.

So, I play the beautifully melancholic songs of Death Cab For Cutie (on the wonderful Plans album) – something of an American Smiths for this day and age – and wonder where it will all end.

The temptation to simply withdraw, throw the newspapers away unopened and block all the news internet sites, is strong. If our leaders can create their own fantasy world, why can't I? We all know that Bush is the bubble-boy, and he still seems to be cheerfully spouting the same nonsense of years ago with no personal ill-effects. Perhaps delusion is the way to go. Trouble is, reality has a habit of kicking you in the teeth sooner or later if you adopt that sort of attitude. Perhaps the most astonishing thing to me is seeing Bush oblivious as that great hobnailed boot gets closer and closer. Maybe it's even kicked him and he doesn't even know it.

Scary thoughts, but these are rather scary times.

And what is it about that multi-echoed piano sound straight out of John Lennon's early solo work that seems to be attracting so many artists these days? It's here on Plans, it's on the latest Oasis album. As Lennon sang on the Imagine album, Gimme Some Truth. Maybe that's what we need.