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Sometimes it's pleasant just to kick back and enjoy the moment.

After a pretty productive day in terms of work and play, a fascinating day in terms of observation, an entertaining day in terms of Emma & Steed and an Avengers' DVD, a gourmet day in terms of a delicious flatbread at my favorite restaurant (1111 Mississippi, Lafayette Sq.,St. Louis) for lunch and a self-prepared whitefish with mango sauce for dinner with a nice glass of dry sherry, a relaxing day in terms of lying in bed right now with the laptop on my lap (where else?), it's time to simply switch off.

Which, of course, I rarely do because I'm often thinking of something or the other. It's at moments like these that I embrace meditative music and words, and of all the composers and musicians that I know, there is no one better for this than John Cage.

I can listen to one of his pieces, or dip into one of his books. Here is a quote from Silence

A young man in Japan arranged his circumstances so that he was able to travel to a distant island to study Zen with a certain Master for a three-year period. At the end of the three years, feeling no sense of accomplishment, he presented himself to the Master and announced his departure. The Master said "You've been here for three years. Why don't you stay here three months more?" The student agreed, but at the end of three months he still felt he had made no advance. When he told the Master again that he was leaving, the Master said, "Look now, you've been here three years and three months. Stay three weeks longer." The student did, but with no success. When he told the Master that absolutely nothing had happened, the Master said, "You've been here three years, three months, and three weeks. Stay three more days, and if, at the end of that time, you have not not attained enlightenment, commit suicide." Towards the end of the second day, the student was enlightened.