So George Bush is going to tell America tonight that it is addicted to oil… If he's only just noticed this now, we're in worse trouble than I thought. Maybe a useful device like a hefty gasoline tax to cut the ballooning deficit and promote conservation may be suggested, but somehow I doubt it.

No doubt we'll simply get some truthiness-filled palliatives to keep the fear-addled conservatives happy while the rest of us wonder when sense will return to government. But I might be wrong…

Meanwhile, I see another pie-in-the-sky is beginning to collide with reality. The insanely overvalued shares of Google fell 19% afterhours (before recovering to a 12% loss) after a bad earnings miss today. Tomorrow will be ugly on the NASDAQ.

So, entirely appropriate to play The Cure's Disintegration as tonight's soundtrack. Hopefully I will sleep easier.